Thame Business Green Spotlight – B P Collins LLP

B P Collins is an award-winning law firm with a committed and community minded team based here in Thame.   It sponsors several local causes, schools and events, including Thame Carnival, a 21st Century Thame annual event.

As part of our 21st Century Thame Business Connection Initiative, funded by a SODC Councillors’ Grant, we have been learning about B P Collins’ CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments, particularly in relation to the environment and, like many other businesses in Thame, we are delighted to find lots of positive action– both historical and in the pipeline.

B P Collins is very proud to have achieved ‘Gold’ in the nationally recognised, Corporate Social Responsibility Accreditation scheme, which provides the foundation for running a more sustainable and ethical business.

The firm’s commitment to protecting the environment for future generations is reflected in the extensive number of environmental policies it has introduced, which affect every aspect of its business. For example:

  • TRAVEL: promoting a cycle-to-work scheme, car sharing, hybrid working
  • SUPPLY CHAIN: sourcing Fairtrade produce, working with local suppliers
  • LOWER ENERGY USE: low energy lighting, minimised IT equipment, high spec. insulation and UV tinting of windows
  • WASTE: dedication to recycling, being paper light, old furniture is offered for reuse to staff or community groups
  • WATER SAVING: water efficient toilets, auto turn off taps
  • EDUCATION: informing and educating staff on environmentally friendly working practices

These are just a few examples of what has been implemented in each of the areas for sustainability, but they show that this local firm is well on the way to achieving its Net Zero target.

To read more about the B P Collins’ sustainability journey, you can read its e-magazine at

21st Century Thame is currently discussing various projects with B P Collins and we look forward to sharing any new initiatives with our local community in the future.

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The Thame Business Initiative is a 21st Century Thame project started January 2023).

It’s aim is to engage businesses in the sustainability discussion in 3 ways :

  • to showcase what they are already doing and what they are aiming to do,
  • to encourage their employees to be involved in local sustainability initiatives and
  • to encourage the business to help fund projects being run by the community.

The project has initially been funded by SODC via a South Oxfordshire District Council Councillor Grant 2023.

Lightfoots Solicitors have kindly supported this project to enable us to continue the work further into 2023.